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5 Considerations When Buying Desk Plants

Slowly, most of us have returned to physical workspaces – at least in a hybrid mode. Working in an office can be monotonous and stressful at times. Having a few desk plants can be a simple and effective way to add some natural beauty and a sense of calm to your work environment.

Whether you are looking to buy plants online or visit a nursery nearby, you can find numerous beautiful options for tabletop greenery. But with so many options to choose from, buying desk plants can be overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll cover five tips to help you choose the right desk plants for your workspace.

  1. Assess your workspace

    Before you start shopping for desk plants, take a look at your workspace. How much light does your desk get? Is it near a window or in a darker corner of the office? Answering these questions can help you determine what types of plants will thrive in your space. And yes, don’t forget to confirm beforehand whether you’re allowed to have plants in your workspace or it is prohibited.

  2. Consider maintenance

    One of the biggest factors to consider when buying desk plants is the level of maintenance they require. Some plants, such as succulents or cacti, require very little watering, care or attention. In fact, some of them can forgive you if you miss watering them for over a week. However, not all plants are so forgiving. Some plants, such as ferns or peace lilies, require more frequent watering and care. If you have a busy schedule or are new to plant care, it may be best to start with a low-maintenance plant and work your way up.

  3. Choose the right size

    Now that you’ve decided to buy a desk plant or more for your office desk, it’s important to consider the size of your workspace. If you have a large desk or workspace, you can choose larger plants that will make a statement and make it stand apart. If your workspace is small, opt for smaller plants that won’t take up too much space. Alternatively, you can also consider hanging plants or wall-mounted planters to save space.

  4. Determine your style

    Plants come in many shapes and colors, so consider your personal style when choosing desk plants. Do you prefer succulents, which come in a variety of interesting shapes and colors? Or are you looking to get some leafy plants, which can add a pop of greenery to your workspace? You can also choose plants with different textures or foliage to add visual interest. To get a better idea of a wide range of style options, you can look at our collection of potted desk plants.

  5. Research the benefits

    Desk plants don’t just add beauty to your workspace – they can also provide a range of health benefits. Some plants can reduce stress levels. Many plants are known for their air-purifying properties. Although you need many of them to remove toxins in the air, they surely will lift your mood at work. You’ll be more inspired to buy plants for your work space once you research the benefits of different types of plants.

Buying desk plants is a great way to bring a touch of nature to and upgrade the décor of your workspace. By considering your workspace, maintenance level, size, personal style, and the benefits of different types of plants, you can choose the right desk plants to create a healthier, more productive work environment. Hope you find these proven tips helpful.

If you have any questions, want more information or have more gardening tips to share, do write to us.

Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay

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