Best Low Light Plants
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6 Commonly Available Low Light Plants

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, soil, water and light are basic food for plants. While meeting the soil and watering requirements of plants is no big task, ensuring the right amount of light for indoor plants can be a challenge. This issue is not uncommon for many of us plant-lovers living in apartments.

But the good news is – there are several plants that can not only survive but thrive in low lighting.  Below are six low light plants that can be found in a nursery around your place.

ZZ plant

ZZ plant is quite a champ when it comes to maintenance. Whether it’s low light or sporadic watering, this guy can tolerate all. In fact, it should be on top of every list of low-light plants. You can be assured that you won’t have to feel guilty for ignoring a ZZ plant.

It grows slow and grows beautifully and makes a perfect addition to your work desk. So the next time, if any of your gardening-inexperienced friends are looking for a plant with a fear of killing them, assure them with ZZ.

Syngonium podophyllum

Syngoniums have become quite common houseplants, especially in apartments. Also known as the arrowhead plant, Syngonium grows into beautiful evergreen foliage requiring little care and occasional pruning.

You can find Syngoniums around in various colours and sizes. One of the easiest plants to grow, they don’t ask for a lot. Just give them moderate light, damp soil and humidity, and they are happy. You also need to ensure that its soil doesn’t dry out.

Pothos (moneyplant)

It’s probably been one of the most common houseplants in India. Widely known as the money plant, pothos is available in various types. It deserves well to be on the list of easiest plants to grow.  Grow it in the kitchen, living room or utility area; in a hanging planter or a pot on the ground, the plant will thrive. You can even take a stem and suspend it in a bottle filled with water and in no time will you see cute little roots growing from it.


Indirect and moderate sunlight is what philodendrons require. You may have seen some of their family members at your offices. Besides having exotic looks and wide-ranging family, they don’t require a lot of care from you. In fact, you should avoid excess care when it comes to philodendrons. They often fall victim to one of the most common gardening mistakes – overwatering. Make sure you water a philodendron only when its soil is dry down to a couple of inches.

Peace lily

Peace lily can live in moderate to low light conditions. Interestingly, it is one of the very few indoor plants that bear flowers. However, it will bloom every more beautifully with more light.

Another one on top of the air purifying plant list, peace lily is known to improve air quality and neautralise gases like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene. That is why you can see that they have found a place in so many hospitals.

Snake plant

This fleshy, dark green friend is an ideal plant for relatively dark corners of your home or office. It can do well in sunlight as well as indoors. However, bright indirect sunlight is best for it.

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is quite tough and hard to kill. Just make sure the soil it’s growing drains well and is completely dry between waterings. So, if think you would be an overly doting plant parent, neglect this plant for better results. Another quick trivia about it – it’s proven as one of the best air purifying plants!

If you were planning to get some plants home but were concerned about inadequate lighting, we hope this blog helped you. However, what’s most important to note here is that low light does not mean no light. There is a thumb rule for determining low light for plants – if you can’t read a book with small letters in a room comfortably, the light there is inadequate even for any plant.

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